EvoScale 'On Premise' allows enterprise clients to self-host EvoScale.
The same product, completely internal.

Why On Premise?

On Premise is a solution designed to address large enterprise clients who have a mix of two needs:

  • Firstly, they may wish to use many hundreds of servers on the platform.
  • Secondly they may need to keep all communication and data in-house – for example, banks and hospitals.

On Premise is a full version of EvoScale which you can host in any location.


Watch Video

Need to see it for yourself?

Watch our alpha demo video to get a feel for the product!

How it works

On Premise is provided as a VM or ISO image - allowing you to run it on VMWare, Xen, OpenStack, KVM, or barebones hardware. The license includes support, updates and maintenace from us.


How is it priced

The pricing is primarily decided in two ways:

  1. Support – Wat level of support and service level agreement (SLA) will your business require
  2. Devices – How many servers will be managed with your EvoScale license

All on premise pricing is on a per client basis. Please contact us for a quotation.

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