Cloud Managed HAProxy

EvoScale gives you the ability to manage any number of HAProxy servers from a single location.

We provide a low-overhead client that can be installed on any Linux system and connects to our cloud, or to your On Premise installation. This allows EvoScale to collect reporting and statistics, as well as deploy configurations and run commands on the server.

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Monitoring and Reporting

Detailed statistics and overviews of your load balancing groups.

At the heart of EvoScale is the ability to view statistics on throughput, sessions, connections, and errors for all your HAProxy installations from a single location.

You can view information about a single server, group of servers, or your entire account. Graphs on throughput, usage, load, and more are a few clicks away!

These numbers can then be used to trigger alerts, take action and more.



Configuration Management

Deploy and manage HAProxy configurations remotely.

EvoScale has the ability to collect, sync, edit and manage any number of configuration files needed on your servers.

You can create (or import) a config bundle containing haproxy.cfg, commands to run, various files such as sysctl.conf and more.

You can then attach these to nodes to automatically deploy changes, replicate configs between servers, or schedule a deployment at a time in the future!

Alerts and Triggers

Automatically take action, and be alerted to problems.

EvoScale lets you create actions based on triggers, and receive alerts for errors and anomalies in the network.

Rest assured that you will know as soon as a problem occurs – and that you can quickly diagnose it and receive detailed information on any issues.


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