Cloud ADC

Manage and deploy HAProxy load balancing solutions directly from the EvoScale cloud.

Existing Integration

Control existing HAProxy servers easily and quickly from a single cloud dashboard – no downtime, and without changing your setup.

Priced Right

EvoScale pricing scales as you scale, letting you control costs when you start out. Everyone gets a free trial – with no commitments.

Cloud Intelligence

Bring a single management point to your ADC infrastructure, and look at the network as a whole. No more duplicating work!

Quick and easy deployment of configurations.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Learn more about the Aurelia system.

Fully responsive

Manage your infrastructure from any device, anywhere – with instant configuration deployments.

Live status

Monitor the live status of all your critical HAProxy components. See centralized and grouped data for your whole setup.


Fully supported

EvoScale is a product from Snapt – a business which has built its reputation on providing the absolute best support to NASA, Intel, and others.

No firewall changes

EvoScale does not require inbound access to your network – it has a lightweight client that polls the cloud. No changes needed!

Watch Video

Need to see it for yourself?

Watch our alpha demo video to get a feel for the product – then sign up for the beta!


Backed by Snapt

EvoCloud is a Snapt product, and is supported and developed by the Snapt team.

What does this mean for you? Global 24/7 support, a vast amount of ADC knowledge and skills, and the same designers who brought you the Snapt ADC.

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Even more great features

EvoScale helps advanced users take control of their HAProxy acceleration and load balancing. It helps new users get running quickly too!


What have you been missing?

EvoScale is a centralized management, reporting, and visibility platform for HAProxy. It integrates directly into your existing servers, and allows you to deploy configs, and see stats and reports – all from a central location.

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Need load balancing?

EvoScale lets you deploy and configure complex products like HAProxy with the click of a button, and has wizards to help you along the way. Do not be scared off by open-source alternatives!

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Still not convinced?

Sign up and get a free 14-day trial!


Centralized dashboard

EvoScale lets you view your statistics and reporting information from a central location. It groups servers together, monitors performance and other metrics, and much more – all from an intelligent single source.


Lightning fast

EvoScale deploys configurations and fetches information extremely quickly. You can deploy a new configuration to 100 servers in under 2 seconds!


Setup management

Create, import and manage configuration files on EvoScale, and deploy them as you wish, when you wish. Changes can be sent automatically to all matching servers.


Centralized control

Give users access to your organization and log changes as they happen. Keep an automatic backup of your configs, and deploy new servers in seconds.

EvoScale Beta Pricing

No contracts, no commitments. Pricing may change after beta.

  • Basic
  • Entry-level package for users just starting out
  • $49/month
  • 2 servers managed
  • Standard support
  • All standard features
  • 14 days of reports
  • Sign up
  • Standard
  • Standard package for users with a medium installation
  • $149/month
  • 10 servers managed
  • Business support
  • All standard features
  • Two-factor authentication
  • 30 days of reports
  • Sign up
  • Premium
  • High-end package for large corporate users
  • $449/month
  • 50 servers managed
  • Premier support
  • All standard features
  • Two-factor authentication
  • 90 days of reports
  • Sign up

We have custom packages available for larger businesses, as well as on-premise licenses for corporations wanting to self-host the product.

Get in touch with us for more information.

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